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Doggy Man's Mobile Grooming Policies

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Cancellation Policy

As noted on your yearly schedule, it is the client’s responsibility to give us 24-hours notice regardless if we gave a reminder or not. If a scheduled appointment is canceled with less than 24-hour notice and we cannot fill the canceled appointment your normal grooming fee will be will be charged. No further service will be provided until the cancellation fee is paid.

If the client cancels at the door, the client will be billed for the appointment.

If our groomer feels in their best interest that your matted dog would be best served by being shaved down and you refuse you will be billed for the service call. Doggy Man's groomers will not shave a dog with out permission. Our groomer did not create the matts. Dematting is not always an option. It is based on dog by dog. These factors include dog attitude, health, washed in matts, (customer washing long haired dogs with out brushing), severity, percentage of coverage of matts over the dog, and other considerations at time of grooming. Also be aware Dematting is an hour charge of 100 dollars for each hour. Dematting may and does cause many dogs discomfort, due to all the brushing. On a severely matted dog there may be hidden surprises, such as sores, foxtail, stickers, infections, and even open wounds, that may need immediate vet attention.

Call prior to appointment

When asked we will try to call. Please remember cellular is beyond the control of Doggy Man and our groomers. We will always try our best. If you are being called please have your doggy's ready, Our groomers prefer not to chase, explore, and look around for your dogs, they have seen behind door number 2.

Returned Check Fee

Any check returned to us due to insufficient funds or other reasons will result in a $25 returned check fee. No further service will be provided until the returned check fee is paid.

Staying in the van

Many clients wish to stay in the van while we groom, even thought the van may look huge, there is not really a lot of space to maneuver for more than one person. If our groomer feels that the dogs best interest is for you to stay, our groomer will ask for your help. Children love to watch their friend being groomed, they can watch though the window located on the curb side. In the past children have repeatedly gone in and out of the van, making this a very stressful situation for the pet being groomed. Doggy Man's first responsibility is to the safety and well being of the pets entrusted to us, this why the van door is always locked to prevent accidents. Please note don't leave children for us to watch while you run errands.

Accepted Payment Methods

We accept cash or check. *Payment is due upon completion of services.

Authorization and Consent

We require your pet to have a Rabies Vaccination prior to service as required by local law and the State of California. Doggy Man does require your puppy to have all puppy shots prior to first appointment. Please consult with your vet for that information.


We reserve the right to change our policies and/or fees at any time without notice. Any verbal reminder we may give is provided as a courtesy, and it is the responsibility of the customer to cancel any scheduled appointment whether or not a reminder was given with more than 24 hours notice. By making an appointment, you acknowledge and accept these terms.

Urgent: New Policy concerning dogs!

You must let our groomer know of any problems related to your dogs’ health, such as heart issues, arthritis, kidney problems, seizures, on any medications etc. These issues may not always be age related. If the you have concerns or if you are not sure check with your Veterinarians, that it is OK to groom your dog! Doggy Man's Groomers are not Veterinarians. By giving your dog to Doggy Man, you are saying it is ok to groom your dog and you give your permission to groom your dog.

There are inherent risks with grooming dogs particularly if they have any health issues. We strive to provide as stress free grooming experience as possible but grooming any dog especially an older dog may stressful and may result in the dog not feeling well. When a dog is quite elderly they can be very susceptible to many ailments including heart failure, Doggy Man's urges you to err on the side of caution and if your dog is not well, please forgo any and all grooming. A bath may be ok, followed by towel drying only but check with your Veterinarian first!

Thank you,

Doggy Man