BARK BARK who do I need to call to mobile groom me BARK BARK I remember

 DOGGY MAN's  mobile dog grooming


818 349 2887

ARF ARF He comes in a really big, roomy van that's large enough to hold me and friends. 

With lots of room to wag my really long tail and with a high ceiling so I don't hit my head.  Arf

The Doggy Man van has a very large people size tub to wash me with warm water, and lots of sudsy shampoo to get me really clean. 

If I need a flea bath, to get rid of unwanted pests, it is done automatically. 

 Then I get a great toweling, it's like going to the masseuse, I get rubbed and massaged all over.

Woof My groomer knows how to trim my nails so they don't bleed. 

When they do bleed it hurts my toes. 

I love the feeling of wind in my face from the blow dryer. WOOF

ARF, when I get groomed I hear about many exotic breeds and how they get groomed by my special groomer.

Some bath days my mobile groomer gives my a bath and he sings I really like that.

Once I am done being groomed, I love prancing around showing all my people how wonderful I look and feel.

I know all he does is mobile grooming in a big mobilegrooming van,

I don't have to worry about my safety because he always locks the door to protect me.

My groomer knows all about mobile pet grooming or you might call it dog grooming mobile, because he is a senior among his peers.

 What I mean is that with more than 28 years of mobile dog grooming he's groomed many types of doggys.

When I am being groomed I am not just a pet being groomed, but a special member of the Doggy Man's family.


 BARK BARK WOOF WOOF  call my friend the DOGGY MAN

818 349 2887

He grooms most of my friends that live near me.  If you want him to bath and pamper you, you have to live in his area of service.  Between Balboa and Valley Circle and Hidden Hills and parts of Calabasas by appointment only.




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